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              Savannah Lobel (pronounced Low-Bell) grew up in the quaint, little town of Dover, Massachusetts. Savannah's parents knew she was destined for a life in the theater at the ripe young age of 2, when she would run around the house naked, chanting the Lion King at the top of her lungs. They knew, once again, when they received a call from Savannah's kindergarten teacher, when she informed them that Savannah had stood up on a table in the middle of class and spontaneously began belting out 'Maybe' from Annie in front of everyone. However, Savannah knew in the fifth grade, when she and her best friend sang 'Lean On Me' for their fifth grade talent show. It was the first time Savannah ever 'performed' a solo in front of anyone. As soon as she began to sing she was filled with this overwhelming sensation of joy and purpose. From that moment on she has dedicated her life to pursuing her dream, telling stories, and most importantly, having fun. 

about me

             In her free time, Savannah enjoys yoga, painting, long walks on the beach, snuggling with her cat Leonardo DiCATrio, and ice cream in any way, shape or form. She is currently finishing up her senior year at the Hartt School of Music, Dance and Theatre, in Hartford, CT and plans on receiving her B.F.A this upcoming May. Oh, also, her spirit animal is a porcupine. That's important information.